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CCTV Toolkit

PREMIUM Asset Constant Updates 4.26 CCTV Toolkit LAST VERSION

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📽 Showcase

Implementation Tutorial


This is a camera system that allows the developer to easily add to a level any type of camera that realistically transmits video feed to an in-game screen. All it takes is to place a screen and a camera and then linking them. You can then customize how you want the video feed to look, set your own meshes or make the camera follow a certain actor.


  • Cameras will break when damaged and display noise in the video feed (Can be changed to any effect you want)

★ Features​

  • Drag and drop blueprints, create cameras and video feedback in seconds
  • Many variables to customize how your video feed will look
  • Cameras can follow moving objects
  • Easily implement your own camera and monitor meshes
  • No blueprint knowledge required
  • Constant updates with new content!
  • Extremely lightweight, around 10MB (The demo takes more space for all the cooked engine content)
  • Modular office included!

Upcoming features​

  • Switch cameras during runtime

⚠ Important Notes:

  • This project will increase its price tag on each update that adds content (not bug fixes)

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Technical Details​

Number of Blueprints: 5
Input: Keyboard, Mouse
Documentation: Video tutorial
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