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Cine Cam enables you to create cinematic camera shots of your scenes within seconds. The super easy to use and quick setup of this camera tool ensures fantastic video recordings of your game.

CineCam is a virtual camera rig, that allows you to control settings such as focus and aperture during runtime via shortcuts. No more need to set up the native UE4 cam and try to get a smooth and good looking camera motion. With CineCam you can jump right into your scene and just start creating!

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All settings, ranging from aperture to zoom, can be controlled via shortcuts at runtime.
With the included fly mode you get to capture every angle of your scene.
The plugin also provides four different focusing methods which are:
  1. Point Focus: Select any point in space to focus on
  2. Follow Focus: Focus on a point in space which will always stay relative to the camera
  3. Automatic Focus: This will keep all objects in the center of your screen in focus
  4. Manual Focus: Gives you full control

With Cine Cam you can create astonishing camera shots in no time.

If you need help or have any questions feel free to chat on Discord.

Technical Details​

  • Walk/Fly mode
  • Movement Speed control
  • Auto Walk/Fly
  • Focal Length control (Zoom)
  • Aperture control
  • Focus Distance control
  • Focus modes (Point, Follow, Auto and Manual Focus)
  • Camera Height control (Useful for Ground Closeups)
  • Free Look mode

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