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This is a high-quality classroom resource toolkit. Including three classroom scenes from different periods, these scenes are of high quality and have excellent visual effects on most platforms.

Technical Details:

Complete static light environment
Realistic lighting based on the real world
A high-quality model that can be used directly in the game
Offline rendering level indirect lighting

The props are scaled to an epic skeleton: yes
Texture size: 1024 * 1024, 2048 * 2048, 4096 * 4096
Collision: yes
Number of vertices: 20~2200
Number of grids: 51
Number of materials and material instances: 49
Number of materials: 38
Supported development platforms: Windows, Liunx, MacOS
Supported target build platforms: Windows, Liunx, MacOS, Steam VR, Oculus, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Note: For better visual effects, volume fog is enabled by default in the scene. This is an advanced special effect. You only need to turn off the "Volume Fog" option of the "Exponential Height Fog" component in the scene to get more frames.

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