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HighSchool Classroom

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This package contains about 400 assets for your games.
This pack based on "Master material" that works with vertex paint for better transition between textures.
Included BP- elements that simplify the creation of animation and interaction with objects.
Included LODs for all of the meshes.
With big list of materials you can mix for e.g. dirt and wood, control texture coords for better tiling,
change color or normal intensity and much more.

Technical Details​

Pack includes:
• 12 Blueprints
• 60 props objects (books, notebooks, jalousie etc.)
• 7 funiture objects (chair, table, cupboard etc.)
• 5 modular objects (walls, floor, ceiling)
• 10 master materials
• 7 material functions (AO mask, tessellation, dirt etc.)
• 119 material Instance
• 191 textures (from 4096x4096 to 512x512)
• 1 complete scene
• 1 sequence project

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