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Downtown - City Pack 1.4

PREMIUM Asset 5.0 Downtown - City Pack 1.4 1.1 April 2022

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The project includes a lot of high quality realistic assets with everything that you need to create a city downtown level for your project. The pack has many models, materials and blueprints, that they will make your life easier and you'll save hundreds of hours of work. You can customize almost all of the materials very easy. All objects are inspired from real-life, correctly scaled and we paid attention to the smallest details for each object from the pack. It is a great package for a realistic environment/game. “Background Procedural Building” and “Roof” blueprint generate procedural mesh, the rest of the blueprints use the 3D models included in this pack. These blueprints/tools work only in Editor, not at runtime(play mode).

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Please take a look on the following links before you buy:

Documentation: Documentation
Video Presentation: City Downtown - Presentation

Video Demo: Blueprints/features
+ Update 1.3 (January 7, 2021): Procedural Modular Buildings Update

Technical Details​

Included packs:
Procedural Tools Background City
City Street Props

425 Meshes:
1. 56 props objects (traffic lights, flags, hydrant, newspaper machine etc.)
2. 252 modular pieces for buildings (83 interior modular pieces included) + 64 borders/deco for buildings
3. 38 decal meshes/road modular/walkside modular and other 2 meshes
• Most of materials has: basecolor, normal and a ORM/ ORMH packed texture (R-Occlusion, B-Roughness, G-Metallic, A-Height).
21 master materials (very easy to customize) ,194 material instances, 1 Material Parameter Collection and 2 Material Functions.
• Presentation scene and the demonstration scene are included.
4 Particles System (Smoke/Flies)
218 Textures sizes from 256x256 to 4096x4096 (most of them 4k) .
9 blueprints (Building Modular Piece , Roof, Procedural Background Building, Banners, Road Intersection, Traffic Light, Walkside, Controller Modular Building, Building Rules Styles) and a Editor Utility Widget (Building Construction Tool – procedural)
Collision: Yes.

Change Log:
Last Update: April 16, 2021
Support Email: [email protected]

Latest updates

  1. UPDATE TO VERSION 1.1 April 2022

    UPDATE TO VERSION 1.1 April 2022

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