FPS Weapon Pack vol. 1, vol. 2 & vol. 3 (With Source Files)

FREE Asset Pack 4.27 4.26 FPS Weapon Pack vol. 1, vol. 2 & vol. 3 (With Source Files) LATEST

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This weapon pack is optimized for first person shooter games and contains 6 weapons (shotgun, submachine gun, assault rifles, handgun and a sniper rifle). A sniper rifle scope is also included. Alternative textures are included for all weapons and some textures have support for custom color, size and position. All weapons are rigged for animation and tris count range from around 5.000 to 12.500 tris.

Technical Details​

• Intended for desktop.
• Lowpoly fbx files of all weapons are included.
• 6 weapons and 1 sniper rifle scope.
• All weapons have a static mesh and a rigged skeletal mesh ready for animation.
• Weapon textures are 2048x2048 and alternative textures have the same size except for tiling textures that varies from 512x512 to 1024x1024. Ammunition textures are 256x256.
• 2 master materials and 26 instances all with albedo, normals and a materialmask (roughness, metalness, occlusion).
• Assault rifles range from 10.400 to 12.400 tris.
Submachine gun has around 7.100 tris.
Shotgun has around 5.100 tris.
Pistol has around 4.900 tris.
Sniper rifle has around 7.700 tris and scope has around 4.300 tris.
• Weapons are available in both X-axis and Y-axis.
• No sounds, animations, Fx or LODs are included.

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