HDR Lights Studio Pack

PRO Asset Constant Updates 4.27 HDR Lights Studio Pack LAST VERSION

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65 HDR high quality images, these images can provide you a high quality lighting rendering and sharp reflection.

You can use this images for:
  1. Sky Light, in stationary or movable mode to get a realtime lighting, and also can use the image to capture global illumination in static mode.
  2. Excellent to create sharp reflection. You can use a reflection probe and assign this map in a CubeMap mode.
  3. Ideal to create presentation of your product or packages.
  4. Can be use even in video games in interior scenarios with sharp lights reflections.

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Technical Details​

  • 10 HDR images with one light.
  • 15 HDR images with two lights.
  • 10 HDR images with three lights.
  • 5 HDR images with four lights.
  • 10 HDR images with multiple or miscellaneous lights.
  • 15 HDR images with colors lights.
Texture Resolutions: (complete list)
  • 4096x2048
  • 1024x512
Number of Textures: 65
Supported Development Platforms: PC
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Console, Mobile
Documentation: In this LINK can see an example of each HDR texture in the pack.
Important/Additional Notes: N/A

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