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Jungle Paradise

PREMIUM Asset Art Station 4.26 Jungle Paradise LAST VERSION

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Jungle Paradise​

Had a blast properly working with foliage for the first time. I made everything you see here using various different methods. Foliage definitely used to be one of my weaker points but after this project I've learnt a tonne about different techniques used to author foliage as well as interesting ways of rendering the vegetation to make it look more realistic.
Had some great fun experimenting with different techniques; such as sculpting the foliage, hand painting it then baking it out to a plane, or taking pictures, running them through B2M then applying them to a plane. Found the first method to give a far nicer normal map, but the method itself was too time consuming compared to the second method which gave me pretty decent results, but took me far less time to achieve.
I also learnt a lot about the best practices for taking photographs for photogrammetry such as lighting conditions, camera settings, and extra tools to help with de-lighting.
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