Mountain - Environment Set

PAID Asset Constant Updates 4.26 $12 Mountain - Environment Set 1.0

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This pack contains:
- 448 meshes and blueprints for: trees, grass, plants, rocks, stones, branches, mushrooms, roots, cones, roots, etc
- Huge library of 100% scanned assets, carefully optimized, atlased, LOD’ed;
- Group of materials which will bring better quality and simplify your workflow,
  • Tesseled and non tesseled height blended landscape materials (8 layers) with switches for UV mix, color mix, highly optimised.
  • Tesseled and non tessleed water materials for lake and river with automatic waterfalls based on surface slope
  • Advanced rocks and objects materials with automatic slope cover, planar, triplanar and mask, slope covers, with switches to keep only useful features.
  • Road material with vertex color support
  • Master materials with cover support (sand, grass, soil, moss etc)
- All demo files from the video are included in the asset
- Splines for the road (with ground snap) and rivers.
With splines you can build automatic river, with automatic waterfalls, small cascades and slow water. Just setup few points.
- Rocks, slopes, roots with leaves, grass, moss, sand cover blueprints
- In pine trees, you will find plants, small trees, small forest trees, medium, big standalone, forest and dead.
- Complex and playable, full of detail map: 800x800m size

Technical Details​

  • Height blend, UV mix, color mix, tesselation, 8 layers
  • 14 ground textures sets (36 textures, BC_H, MT_R_AO, N)
  • Textures: stones, leaves, moss, grass, mud, sand, roots, rocks, needles, soil, heater.
  • Textures 2048x2048
Rocks, roots, slopes :
  • Textures 4096x4096 (BC, MT_R_AO, N)
  • LOD'S 7000-1000/3000-400/1000-100
  • Blueprints with: no cover, grass, needles, soil, moss.
  • 7 materials with 59 instances (variants with grass, sand, soil, moss, needles etc)
  • Forest Tree LOD's:6000/1600/700/42(cross)
  • Big Forest LOD's: 11000-3500/4600-1720/2700-500/50(cross)
  • Medium LOD's;7000-2500/3200-1300/1400-700/42(cross)
  • Young LOD's:3500-2500/1300/800-690/42(cross)
  • Plant LOD's :4000-600/1600 -16/ 700-16
  • Bushes LOD's: 6700-130/3200-200/1200-200
  • Leaves atlas 4096x4096 (BC_M, MT_R_AO, N, T), Bark and trunks 1024 x 4096 (BC, MT_R_AO, N), Cross textures 1024 x 4096 ( BC, N, T)
Foliage (grass and plants)
  • LOD's 150-30/16
  • Textures 2048x2048 (BC_M, MT_R_AO, N, T)
Details :
  • Textures 4096x4096 (BC, MT_R_AO, N)
  • LOD's 1450-50/16
Collision: Yes automatically generated, trees use capsule,
Number of Meshes:
  • 22 trees: 11 big, 4 plants, 7 small
  • 21 bushes
  • 37 plants, grass
  • 45 detail meshes: branch, cones, anthill, animated ants, animated fishes, logs
  • 32 mushrooms
  • road: vertex color support, spline and ground snap
  • 2 water: lake and river, advanced spline support auto waterfalls
  • 3 background mountains
  • 45 rocks: 146 blueprints in cover variants: snow, moss, needless, soil
  • 23 roots, trunks in 79 variants.

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