PBR Toilet & Bathroom Props Mega Pack

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* A collection of realistic PBR props for a modern Toilet or Bathroom, great for both games and Architectural Visualization. Features 30 unique meshes with variants:

  • Toilet (Blueprint class for articulation)
  • Urinal (Blueprint Class for Articulation
  • Bathtub (Blueprint Class for Articulation)
  • Shower (Blueprint Class for Articulation)
  • Sink (Two Material Variants)
  • Toilet Plunger
  • Toilet Paper
  • Toilet Paper Holder
  • Toilet Paper cardboard tube
  • Trashcan
  • Mirror
  • Toothbrushes (with multiple colors and tintable material)
  • Toothbrush Cup
  • Toothpaste Tube
  • Blob of Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Floss
  • Soap Bar
  • Liquid Hand Soap
  • Skin Cream
  • Soap Dish
  • Comb
  • Hair Brush
  • Towels (with tintable base material)
  • Towel Holder
  • Scale
  • Shampoo
  • Bathing Sponge
  • Rubber Duck
  • Air Dryer for Hands

Technical Details​

Number of Unique Meshes: 30
Collision: Yes, Automatically generated
Vertex Count: Around 2K Maximum
LODs: No
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 51
Number of Textures: 101
Texture Resolutions: Range from 512 to 4k
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes

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