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This plug-in can query any data of actor in the engine to help you quickly judge whether there are bugs in the game logic
When you are developing a game, you need to write debug massage and restart unreal frequently. Such repeated operations are at least thousands of times.

This Is Terrible!!!!

Now the Property Debug Editor can solve your problems very efficiently
1,In the development of game logic, we often check the specific data of actors. If the data only exists for a while, it is difficult to track through breakpoints, especially in the network synchronization logic, it is difficult to find data problems.

2,You can query any data in the editor or at run time,such as actor speed, position, rotation, picture data, structure data, animation state machine, behavior tree, EQS, material data, and even picture data.

Now, you don't need to print on the screen or link the data to the UI.

Technical Details​

  • Query variables and functions return data with UPROPERTY and UFUNCTION in C + + or blueprint projects
  • Support editor and runtime
  • Dynamic update data display
  • Support multi-terminal query(Client and server)
  • Support Unreal 423 424 425 426 427 5.0EA
  • Supported data types(FString,uint8,int32,float,bool,FName,FText,double,int8,

Code module:
  • PropertyDebugEditor(Editor)
Number of blueprints:0
Number of C + + classes:1
Supported development platform:(Win64, Mac, Linux)
Supported target building platform:(Just an editor plug-in)
Sample project:
Important/additional notes: If you have any questions, please contact

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