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Ridable MotorBikes: Multiplayer Advanced Pack - 3 Bikes - damage & animations

PREMIUM Asset 4.26 Ridable MotorBikes: Multiplayer Advanced Pack - 3 Bikes - damage & animations LAST VERSION

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preview video
playable demo
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last update (August 11th):
release notes

Also coming soon:
  • Drivable cars: Advanced Pack full compatibility
  • Ridable Motorbikes: Basic Pack (simplified version)
  • 3D Motorbkies: Only 3D assets (no blueprints)

Ridable MotorBikes: Advanced Pack is the evolution of our Drivable Cars Series, with long awaited motorcycles including our common features:
  • manual and automatic transmission
  • improved physics
  • damage and deformation on mesh, material and bike behaviour
  • breakable pieces and glass
  • surface detection and response (behaviour, particle effects and sounds)
  • get on and off the bike animations
  • rider is ejected from the bike on impacts


Technical Details​

  • Features:
  • network replicated!
  • Three detailed motorcycles with 4 LODs each (Naked, Custom, Enduro)
  • For compatibility purposes, it uses BP_BaseVehicle based on our Drivable Cars Series
  • Bikes are split by body, parts and wheels
  • Each bike is a child blueprint from one master blueprint
  • Deformations are made by morph targets
  • Impacts are detected through a bone grid around the bike
  • All bike pieces are joint by constraints and hinges
  • Procedurally damaged paint
  • Customizable paint (dirt & scratches)
  • Bikes can be configured all through parameters
  • Surface type detection and behaviour adaptation
  • UE4 Third-person template movement functions
  • UE4 Vehicle template driving functions
  • Get on / off animations
  • Toggleable lights
  • Change camera (inside-outside)
  • Camera zoom and orbit (outside)
  • Smoke, dust, water, impact, etc. particle systems
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Engine, drift, surface, impact, etc. sounds
  • RMP related engine sound + gear up decay
  • Bike respawn feature

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