Safe House

PAID Asset 4.26 $8 Safe House 2022-09-19

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This is a story-driven Real-Time environment art using more than 400 assets featuring a post-apocalyptic warehouse that has been transformed into a safe house.
The quality of the assets are using AAA standards and it's ready to be used in your games and it comes with a well-composited level suitable for lighting artists to do lighting practice.
There are different decoration props from level structures down to small debris.
It comes with 16 handy blueprint tools making level art a lot easier.
Art Station page for more info and content regarding this product.
Showcase video presenting a walkthrough inside the environment.

Technical Details​

  • AAA quality assets
  • Game Ready
  • Lods & Collision Ready
  • UE5 Ready
  • Competitive price for what you get
  • 16 handy Blueprints
  • Comes with a beautifully designed level suitable for lighting artists
  • Modular level structure models

Number of Unique Meshes: 484
Collision: Yes / Automatically
Vertex Count: from 2 (for small assets) to 150,499 (for hero objects)
LODs: Yes
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 133
Number of Textures: 250
Texture Resolutions: 512*512 / 4096*4096
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, Play Station 4
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes
Documentation: Art Station Showcase