Stylized Rendering System

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Quickly and easily cel-shade your characters, objects, and visual effects and add up to 25 different customizable styles of outlines to your scene!
SRS allows you to create a variety of different, dynamic art styles for your projects, mimicking the art style found in anime, cartoons or manga. Little to no technical knowledge is required!
  • Simple: SRS was made to be easy to use. You do not have to understand materials, shaders or UE4's post-process system to create your desired art-style.
  • Easy: Cel-Shading can be set-up in a matter of minutes by dragging the SRS actor into your scene, and enabling custom-depth on selected objects.
  • Customizable: More than 100 different parameters in structured categories allow control over every system of SRS
  • Dynamic: The post-process based approach of SRS allows cel-shaded objects to dynamically react to shadows and light sources
  • Adaptable: SRS provides options to disable unneeded features to improve performance on lower-end devices

Technical Details​

  • Stylized Rendering System Actor, a post process volume for general control of cel-shading and outline system
  • Standard and Metallic shading modes
  • Cel-Shaded Translucent Materials
  • 7 pattern textures for control over patterns in shadows and highlights of objects
  • 7 gradient textures for control over transition from shadows to no shadow and highlight/rimlight to no highlight/rimlight
  • 2 Master Materials for normal objects and translucent objects
  • 15 demo material instances
  • 8 demo textures
  • 3 Material Functions for setting up compatibility in your materials with SRS
  • 18 other utility material functions
  • Light Manager Component to manage light colors for cel-shaded lights mode
Number of Blueprints: 3 (+ 4 Demo Blueprints)
Performance: No noticable performance decrease when playing in editor with SRS and one outline type enabled. (Tested on AMD Ryzen 5 3500X, Radeon RX 570, 8GB of RAM)
Network Replicated: No (Each client has their own version of the SRS Actor)
Supported Development Platforms: All
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes
Important/Additional Notes: All Styles shown in the trailer video and in the product images were created using SRS, however not all shown styles are shipped with SRS, as SRS is simply a tool for creating cel-shaded styles.

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