Super Powers 2

PAID Asset Constant Updates 4.27 $5 Super Powers 2 1.0.2

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Skills and Characters so strong that they can even stop objects that are at high speed and make super jumps. You will find several interesting skills, from ice powers, to wearing a ring that allows you to fly and copy objects around you. All this and more with Sound Effects and Network Replicated for Multiplayer.

Technical Details​

Current Product Version: 1.0.2

  • 7 Characters with different Powers.
  • Flying, Copy Objects, Protection, Illuminate All, Teleport, Ice Rink, Throw Pieces of Ice, Ice Wall, Decrease or Increase Scale of Character or Objects, Portals, Super Jumps, Break, Scream, Stop Object, Smoke, Invisibility, Thin Scale are some skills.
  • 23 Unique Sound Effects.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Tutorial.

Blueprint Class: 24.
Level: 1.
Materials: 21.
Material Instance: 19.
Material Function: 5 (1 New + 4 Material Function of the Unreal Character).
Textures: 16.
Particle System: 13.
Static Mesh: 11 (4 New + 7 Static Mesh of Unreal Engine).
Skeletal Mesh: 3 (2 New + 1 Skeletal Mesh from the Editor's Default Character).
New Character Animations: 25.
Sound: 23.
Sound Cue: 19.

More Details:
Input: Keyboard, Mouse.
Network Replicated: Yes.
Supported Development Platforms: Windows: Yes. Mac: No.
Documentation: Here
Support Website: Here

Important Note:
  • Read the documentation before purchasing.

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