Super Powers 3

PAID Asset Constant Updates 4.27 $5 Super Powers 3 1.0.1

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Showcase Video:

With these 4 amazing skill sets your characters will regenerate when injured and even move around the city's electrical network. Disguise yourself unrecognized by using the "Look-Alike" skill set that allows you to transform and copy anyone's appearance. All this with sound effects and network replicated for Online Multiplayer Games.

Technical Details​

Current Product Version: 1.0.1


  • 4 characters with different skill sets.
  • Shock: Throwing lightning at objects, getting energy from electronic devices, and moving through the electrical network.
  • Control: Control and throw objects, shield objects or attract them.
  • Restore: regenerate character, reassemble character parts and rise when knocked down by something.
  • Look-Alike: Copy other characters' appearance.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Tutorial.

Blueprints: 10.
Game Mode Base: 4.
Widget Blueprint: 3.
Materials: 30.
Material Instance: 23.
Niagara Particle System: 1.
Skeletal Mesh: 4.
Textures: 19.
Sound Wave: 7.
Sound Cue: 7.

More Details:
Input: Keyboard and Mouse.
Network Replicated: Yes.
Supported Development Platforms: Windows: Yes. Mac: No.
Documentation: Here.
Support Website: Here.

Important/Additional Notes:
  • Please, read documentation to see important notes and details before purchase.

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