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Advanced ARPG Combat System V2

PREMIUM Asset 4.27 4.26 Advanced ARPG Combat System V2 LAST VERSION

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Advanced Action RPG Combat System template is designed to give developers a template for Action RPG combat. Coded entirely with Blueprints.

[Overview video v1.0] (v2 overview coming soon)
[Update v2.0 Teaser]

Note: This system is mainly a combat framework, the included animations are mainly just to show how to use the system and are not intended to be used in a game. To get the most out of the system, you should use your own animations.

To see what the product is capable of using high quality animations (animations not included), try the Demo v1.0 (v2 demo coming soon)
To see the system with the included animations try this Demo or watch this Video
For support please visit the Discord
Want to see the changelog? Check the Patch Notes

Current version: v2.07

Documentation & Tutorials: forward confirmation email of purchase to [email protected]

Technical Details​

  • Melee Combat System​
  • Ranged Combat System​
  • Ranged Weapon System (Archery)​
  • Complex & Detailed Hit Reaction System​
  • Inverse Kinematic Hit Reactions​
  • Advanced AI System​
  • Directional Blocking​
  • Fatality Execution System​
  • Assassinations​
  • Dynamic Cinematic Camera System​
  • Parry System​
  • Perfect Block system​
  • 8-way Directional Dodging​
  • Action Cancel Manager System​
  • Combat State Manager System​
  • Poise System (controls resistance to being staggered or stun-locked with a stat)​
  • RPG Stats System​
  • RPG Equipment System​
  • Item Switching System (item switching HUD included)​
  • Targeting System​
  • Multiple weapon types​
  • Impact Sounds & VFX System​
  • Gamepad Optimized Menu System​
  • Multiple Stances (player character)​
  • Turn in-place​
  • Unarmed Combat​

  • Hit reactions​
  • Rage mode​
  • Leap Jump attack​
  • Complex AI decision​
  • Respawn system​
  • Customizable AI parameters​
  • AI charge attacks​
  • Turn in place​
  • Danger indicator indicating rare attack​
  • Directional Attacks​
  • Blocking Behavior​
  • Archery​
  • Strafing Behavior​

Number of Blueprints: 116
Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse
Network Replicated: (No)
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: (Yes)
Mac: (Not yet tested on Mac)​
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