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Advanced CRT TV - VCR - VHS Effects

FREE Asset 4.26 Advanced CRT TV - VCR - VHS Effects 2024-06-25

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ScreenShot20220829 004-1920x1080-237b322f7f03abd80c7435c89ae9d0c3.jpg

Demo v1.02 is available!

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KgvH8MmETTO9Oy_0M31vS5jr1F_jLmon/view?usp=sharing

Demo introduction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvkInz5I9j8

April 2024 minor update! - Revision 10

Fixed texture sample colorspace error for UE 5.

Added timestamp color parameter.

December 2023 update! - Revision 9

Retainer box fix: Dark colors can now be seen on filter that applied on the widgets.

November 2023 update! - Revision 8

Now you can add the CRT/VHS effects on a retainer box to use on HUD widgets. Retainer_Preset_saturated_VCR_distorted material insance can be used as a retainer box effect. You can run the sample level map to see the effect on the example UI widget included.

July 2023 update! - Revision 7

There is a minor fix on screen hop parameters. It changed as:

(Added) Screen Hop Interval - determines the delay on screen hop effect

(Modified) Screen Hop Intensity - determines the glitched hop distance on the screen

P.S. previous versions of master materials are under the legacy_material folder.

September 2021 Update!

Added Features:

Filter On/Off toggler



Low/Hi quaility phosphor option

Mipmap control (blurriness)

Better and cheaper scanlines

3D Monitor & TV models

Seed value for variating screen hopping

Jan 2021 update - https://youtu.be/QR9YYobQ-Bo

This Material and post process filter creates adjustable, Animated CRT, and Video Cassette Recorder effects by 47 parameters.

Note: Scene is not included. Only Multisonic TV static mesh is included.

Parameter list and descriptions

CRT Presets: https://youtu.be/ZtmJL2cYJyA

Post Process Presets: https://youtu.be/z6T5CDVQIpY

CRT Close up View: https://youtu.be/DSIDcY4-2hU

Post Process Animation: https://youtu.be/6E9v4EpHvz8

Post Process Material Adjustments: https://youtu.be/xktQPAezp6A

Material adjustment - Creating 8-Bit Computer Screen: https://youtu.be/xRfzgwPWbUg

Material adjustment - Creating VCR Screen: https://youtu.be/-kFGooXIic4

Time Stamp configuration Tutorial: https://youtu.be/q1pmJXZAEy0

Technical Details:

General Effects: Chromatic, Distance, Emissive, Intensity / Screen Brightness, Roughness, Multiplier, Saturation/Desaturation, Vertical Trace Ray Intensity, Vertical Trace Ray Repeat, Vertical Trace Ray Speed, Vignette Amount

Scanline Effects: Scanline Count, Scanline Intensity, Scanline Odd Line Clarity, Scanline Vertical Shift Speed

Screen Scale: Screen Scale (Horizontal), Screen Scale (Vertical)

Signal Quality: Random Horizontal Offset Frequency, Random Horizontal Offset Strength, Screen Hop Frequency, Screen Hop Intensity, White Noise Intensity, WhiteNoise Scale

VCR Effects: Color Tornado Intensity, Tracking Noise Density, Tracking Noise Level, Tracking Noise Scale, Warp BeltInt ensity

Monochrome Screen: B&W or Green Screen, Monochrome Screen

Phosphor Settings: Phosphor Ratio (X/Y), Phosphor Scale, Phosphor Visibility, Slot Mask / Shadow Mask

Pixelation: Pixelation Scale, Pixelation Toggle

Time Stamp: Time Stamp Raito (X/Y), Time Stamp Scale, Time Stamp Opacity, Time Stamp Shift (Horizontal), Time Stamp Shift (Vertical)

January 2021 update!

Signal Distortion

This new effect adds red color based distortion on the screen. Like bad antenna signal reception.

Barrel Distortion

This parameters add adjustable barrel distortion shape and a fake glassy reflection to the screen.

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