FREE Asset 4.26 AdvancedMagicFX16 LAST VERSION

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Preview -

This package has BurntRock ,bubble ,shootingStar ,ice and others effects, It has a variety of effects!
In addition, These effects have particle LODs.

UE 4.18 and later use Apex Destruction plug-in for some effects.
Please check "Enable" of "Apex Destruction" of "Edit" → "Plugins" and restart it.

Please see the advanced KY_magic demo video!
Tips -

Other recommend effects!
Effect series here.
Shot effects here.
Magic circle effects here.
Barrier shield effects here.

Technical Details​

List of every effect:
-CPU : 26
Number of Effects:26
Number of textures:46
Number of Materials:85(38 Material /45 Material Instance /2 Material Function)
Number of Blueprints:28
Number of Meshes:27
Engine Compatibility: 4.12 ,4.13 ,4.14 ,4.15 ,4.16 ,4.17 ,4.18
Intended Platform: Desktop,Console
Platforms Tested: OSX
Documentation Included: No
Important\Additional Notes: Non
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