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ALSHE V6 (ALSv4+HorrorEngine+Metahuman+Drivable Cars)

PREMIUM Asset 4.27 4.26 ALSHE V6 (ALSv4+HorrorEngine+Metahuman+Drivable Cars) LAST VERSION

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Project integrating the following assets :



Swimming that is available includes:
- Swim when water is over chest of the character

- Float when it is idle and swim when is moving

- Dive using crouch key (left alt by default)

- Swim up using jump key (space by default)

- Oxygen widget is added and it is shown only when diving

- When Character runs out of oxygen (30 seconds by defauly editable on character instance) he will start receiving damage (5 by default editable on character instance).

- Character is able to get out of the water by walking through ramp or stais and also by mantling (using jump close to a ledge).

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