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Arcade Vehicle System

PRO Plugin 4.27 4.26 Arcade Vehicle System VERSION 1.0 + SAMPLE PROJECT

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This plugin allows for quickly and painlessly integrating arcade-style vehicles into your project. Unlike other vehicle systems, this plugin implements vehicles movement deriving from the PawnMovement component, which makes it much easier to integrate into your project, because your can add ArcadeVehicleMovementComponent to your existing vehicle blueprint, set it up and go! While being very flexible, it also provides example blueprints, that are already set-up, for those that want to quickly begin!

Whether your project is C++ or Blueprints based, we got you covered! The plugin can easily be integrated and extended using blueprints, as well as C++.

Plugin comes with very robust networking implementation. There was a lot of work to get the right networking using current UE4 Nvidia PhysX, because of semi-fixed time-step in the engine. However, we worked around this issue, and the networking implementation should feel pretty good.
At the moment networking is Client-Authoritative, but it's extremely simple to implement some sort of server-side verification to prevent cheaters if you want to.

Play around with it. I will be glad to hear what you think and improve this plugin in the future. Enjoy!

Showcase Video
Example Project
If you would like to try how the vehicle system feels like before you buy the plugin, check this free demo game!

Technical Details​

  • High performance vehicle physics system calculated entirely in C++
  • Flexible, curve-based acceleration
  • Flexible, curve-based engine braking
  • Flexible, curve-based braking
  • Line trace suspension simulating real springs with damping, bounciness and other parameters
  • Sphere trace suspension with adjustable sphere thickness for extra accuracy
  • Swing-arm simulation for the wheel to make them feel more realistic
  • Flexible C++ and Blueprints implementation with virtual methods
  • Quick-starter example blueprints to be able to quickly get your vehicles to work
  • Client-Authoritative, custom time-step networking working around current engine physics downsides
  • Customizable drifting logic
  • Vehicle flipping logic, when your vehicle lands on the roof
  • Editor visualization for various suspension parameters helping to understand the system
Code Modules:
  • ArcadeVehicleSystem - runtime vehicles module
  • ArcadeVehicleSystemEditor - editor vehicles module used for editor visualization
Number of Blueprints: 2
Number of C++ Classes: 24
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: Win64
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64
Quick Guide
Example Project

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