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Architectural Textures

FREE Asset 4.26 Architectural Textures LAST VERSION

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Here's my upgraded package of Architectural textures that was previously named '38 Architectural Textures'. From now on there won't be any number in the name, as I'm going to always add new textures to it. Earlier the pack contained 38 textures, now it consists of 55 quality textures, ready for use in your projects. The quality of my textures is invariably high, almost all of them are 2048Х2048. Each texture includes a diffuse map, a specular map, a roughness map, a normal map, a height map and an occlusion map.

What's new:

- 5 new grass textures added (Grass 01, Grass 02, Ground 01, Ground 02, Ground 03). All of them are 2048X2048 .

- New variations for bricks_01 and bricks_09 added – bricks_01_vert and bricks_09_vert. You'll need them to create vertical brick rows commonly used in window openings. I'm going to add vertical variations for each brick texture in the future.

- I added several old textures that were not included in the pack earlier because of their smaller resolution. The textures roofing 01, Stones 04, Stones 05 are 1024X1024, but they're quality textures as well. Someone might need them.

- I also added 4 textures with extra high resolution. Bricks_14, Bricks_15, Stones_15, Stones_16 are 4096X4096.
From now on I'll try to make all my textures with such high resolution.


Your feedback is of great value to me. You're welcome to ask any questions or leave your opinions in the comments to my product or in the forum's topic.

Technical Details​

Number of Materials: 55
Stone Materials: 16
Brick Materials: 17
Pavement Materials: 6
Roofing Materials: 11
Ground Materials: 5

Textures map types included in the package: 165

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