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This is a Sci-Fi Character that can be used in any projects as an enemy or the main character, or even decorations.
it is based on the default UE4 mannequin so any animations from the asset store can be used with it

The material is made with mask textures so every section of it can be customized with different Color, Roughness, Metalness.
The emissive lights are 3 separate masks Visor, Main lights, Secondary Lights and can be customized by Color and Color intensity.

This pack also includes the FPS Hands, so you can use it on a shooter project, the hands are also rigged to the default fps hands skeleton so it also can be used with marketplace animation assets

I included a Character Blueprint and a Game Mode Blueprint so you can just press play in the overview map and use these controls to test out the model: [W][A][D]; [Space]; [Shift]; [F]; [R]

The model also has a "Random Skin Generator" which you can test out with the [R] Key, or you can test the example materials with the [F] Key

Technical Details​

  • 1 Humanoid Character with the basic ue4 mannequin animations
  • Character Game Mode Blueprint and Blueprint with [W][A][D]; [Space]; [Shift]; [F]
    [*]1 FPS Hands
    [*]1 Main Material
    [*]10 Material Instances as an example of different color schemes

Scaled to Epic skeleton: YES
Rigged: YES
Rigged to Epic skeleton: YES
Animated: YES
Number of characters: 1

Triangle counts of character:
LOD 0: 25984
LOD 1: 12472
LOD 2: 6236
Texture Resolutions: 4k
Number of Animations: 6
Animation types: In Place

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