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Universal object spawner for quick level filling
It can be used to create: Actors, Blueprints, staticmeshes (HISM), Actors and HISM(50\50), Sprites
All objects are created in the Construction Script


Update 1.1 Video
Update 1.2 Video
Update 1.3 Video


- Added the ability to switch spawn in Construction Script or Begin Play
- Added the ability to call a Spawn event
- Added the ability Delay Spawn event
- Added the ability to respawn destroyed Actors after a given period of time


- Added a lock to rotate when spawning
- Added setting the proportion for the amount of spawn between HISM and Actors
- Added the ability to enable / disable shadows for all types. Except for Sprites
- Added the ability to offset for location and rotation
- Fixed a collision issue when interacting with projectiles

Update 1.3
- Added the ability to work with World Composition.
- Added the ability to create movable cut areas.
- Added the ability to turn off and turn on the drawing of the borders of the spawner. It will also help to avoid drawing lines after removing the spawner from the scene.
- Added the ability to select multiple channel collisions.

Technical Details​

  • Choice of placement type: Cylinder or Box
  • Select the Spawn Area and select the Cut Area (Cylinder or Box)
  • The possibility of fixing the resulting random placement result or a random result with each movement
  • The ability to randomly rotate the object or look at the center
  • Increase the spread between objects
  • Setting the maximum spawn angle for inclined surfaces
  • Select the objects or landscape to spawn on
  • Select the number of objects to spawn
  • Setting Max Draw Distance for Actors and Cull Distance for HISM
  • Height adjustment of the spawner
  • The actual size of the object is taken into account, not the Pivot point for spawn
  • Change the collision to a specific channel of the object

Number of Blueprints: 6
Number of Static Meshes: 4
Number of Materials: 1
Number of Textures: 1

Input: Keyboard, Mouse
Network Replicated: No

Documentation: Link
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