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Brushify - Urban Buildings Pack

FREE Asset 4.26 4.25 Brushify - Urban Buildings Pack LAST VERSION

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Brushify - Urban Buildings Pack
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Please Enable DX12 in project settings (search Default RHI and set to dx12) for better performance with this product.

Build photo-realistic cities from modular assets with the Urban Buildings Pack. The pack comes with a ready made example scene that shows exactly how you can create your own city. The pack comes with drag and drop presets for Cityblocks as well as the individual buildings. Each building is a blueprint that combines multiple modular meshes. This allows you to edit a building directly, including altering the number of floors, adding decorative elements and changing materials. The advanced master material allows you to quickly and easily modify the look of the buildings and props.
Works great in combination with Brushify landscapes!

Disclaimer: This pack has a mixture of assets at various levels of detail. The Building Blueprints themselves are intended to be viewed from medium to far distance. Floors and rooftops have additional detail so they can be viewed from 1st and 3rd Person game modes.

Feature Overview:


Technical Details​

  • 43 Building prefabs all fully customizable in Blueprint. (Please note: BP's are prefabs only, no logic is included)
  • 3 City Block blueprint presets and 1 distance building preset.
  • 15 Modular High Rise building pieces
  • 16 Modular Residential Building pieces
  • 13 props and decorations including fire escapes, doors, pillars, roof items, park grounds.
  • Includes original source files (both OBJ and Blender) so you can edit the meshes or create your own.

Advanced Master Material:
  • 30 material presets (Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Facades, Grass, Metal, Tiles, Windows, Wood)
  • 49 Tilable textures (including normal maps and height maps)
  • Supports UV-less workflow, add texture to meshes without spending time on uvs.
  • Blend shader. Combine two textures with a blend mask.
  • Damage shader. Add realistic damage to your assets
  • Emissive texture projection for realistic night time lighting effects.
  • Parallax Occlusion mapping support.
  • Tiling, Tint and Strength functionality.

All assets optimized for high performance.

Example Level:
  • Large city scene with background landscape
  • Ocean material
  • Skydome and lighting setup

Texture Resolutions: All Textures 2048x2048 or greater.

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