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Find out more about the complete Brushify system at:

Brushify Overview video:

Create stunning offworld Moon environments with this powerful easy to use pack. This kit is perfect for level designers and environment artists looking get a jump start. As usual, this pack contains shaders that are 100% compatible with all other existing Brushify packages!


Moon Level Showcase Video & Tutorial:

Complete level ready to go out of the box.
Allows you to immediately start testing your Gameplay, creating cinematics and learning from the example setup.
Everything you see in the screenshots is provided, along with the powerful shaders and workflows shown in Brushify tutorials.


The included Alpha Sculpting Brush allows you to add detail to the landscape while maintaining artistic control in real-time.

This Moon Pack contains 4 Alpha Sculpting Brushes stored in a single 8192x8192 texture (See Screenshot above).

Tutorial here:


Want to add a detailed background vista, but you don't want the cost? Use Distance meshes, they are optimized geometry that are purpose built to match the playable landscape. A great way to extend your world far into the horizon without affecting performance.

The Alpha Brushes / Distance Meshes are generated from Real-World Height data which is then texturized to create realistic high resolution results.

This Moon Pack contains 4 Distance Meshes for background mountains (See Screenshot above).


The pack includes Procedural Spawners for quickly scattering Rocks on slopes. Rocks are optimized and created using the latest Photogrammetry techniques.

Tutorial Here:


The fastest way to build detailed fully playable landscapes. This material allows users to paint multiple biomes with ease across huge landscapes. Each biome is it's own Automatic Paint Layer. There are 11 landscape layers for you to choose from including Grass, Desert, Forest, Snow, Beach, Dunes, Mud, Craters.

Simply apply this material to any landscape and it will be automatically textured and covered with optimized Rocks/Grass which match that biome.

Supports Runtime Virtual Texturing (RVT), Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM), Tri-planar mapping, Tessellation/Height, Roughness, Reduced Distance Tiling Feature, 3 stage Level Of Detail system (Far, Medium and Near), optimized Shader overdraw and Flow mapping.

The entire shader is fully modular in design and functions can be removed and customized in order to streamline the system to your project.

This pack comes with a playable level with a complete ready-made landscape. Everything you see in the screenshots is provided, along with the powerful shaders and workflows shown in Brushify tutorials.

Get Started with the Brushify Landscape Auto Material by following this tutorial:


Brushify packs can easily be merged together, in the Epic launcher, click 'Add to project' then choose 'Overwrite files'. This is required because Brushify packs share some generic objects, textures and shaders.


Learn to use Brushify with Brushify - Unreal Engine Bootcamp!
Build an Island level in 1 hour:
Build a House in the woods:

Technical Details​


  • This pack contains a ready-made Moon level already built using the Brushify assets.
  • Contains Moon assets showcase level.

  • 4 Variations of Moon Rocks
  • 3 Variations of Moon Pebbles
  • 4 High resolution (8k) unique Lunar Landscape Brushes (as pictured above)
  • Each Landscape Brush is generated from real world data (tweaked from real crater impact sites in the USA) and is included as both Distance Meshes and Alpha Brushes
  • 8192x8192 Alpha Brush Texture is included that can be used to sculpt Moorland mountains directly into the landscape.
  • 4 separate brushes are stored in the R G B A Channels of the texture.)

Includes all shaders from the Brushify Environment Shaders pack, please check the description here:

Texture Sizes: Foliage and Rock Textures up to 4k resolution, distance terrain Textures are 8k resolution.
Vertex Count: 1000 to 80,000
LODs: All Meshes have 5 LODs

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