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Character Interaction Add-On Vol.01

FREE Asset 4.26 Character Interaction Add-On Vol.01 LAST VERSION

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Preview video
The first volume of additional content for the interaction of the character with various objects. Can work autonomously and integrate into any project. Can be used as an addition to the project "Character Interaction". "Character Interaction" was used in the first part of the demo video to demonstrate the use of content.
Character Interaction Preview

Also I recommend to look at these large packages with a large number of animations:
  • Character Skills A tool for creating various character skills. Can be easily integrated into an existing project.
  • Character Interaction Interaction with the environment. Interactions with firearm weapons and more ..
  • Close Combat: Fighter The combat system contains more of an animation of hand-to-hand combat.

Video tutorials on how to add to the project and how to use it with the "Character Interaction".

Technical Details​

  • BP_Bomb - The class of the bomb with different detonation settings - timer, event (remote), when touched. Supports customization of animation, sound and effect.
  • Models revolver, crowbar and phone.
  • Character Interaction Animations
Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes
Number of Animations: 52
Animation Types: Root Motion

Revolver: Collision: Yes, Vertex Count: 5 520, Number of Meshes: 1, Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1, Number of Textures: 3 (4096x4096 _D, _N, _RM)
Crowbar: Collision: Yes, Vertex Count: 339, Number of Meshes: 1, Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1, Number of Textures: 3 (2048x2048 _D, _N, _RM)
Phone: Collision: Yes, Vertex Count: 132, Number of Meshes: 1, Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1, Number of Textures: 3 (2048x2048 _D, _N, _RM)

Sounds: Revolver (Shoot, Reload), Crowbar (Attack, Take-down), Explosions (Three explosions).
Documentation: Detailed list of animations
Important: Attention project "Character Interaction" is distributed separately, it has a large number of animations and systems of interaction with cars, weapons, enemies, etc.
: Character interaction Discord server - Online help as well as various tutorials.

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