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Counter Attack

PREMIUM Asset 4.26 Counter Attack 4.26

No permission to download

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/2qKgNCM
Video: https://youtu.be/m5tJrEQ-wcY

This pack contains 36 animations for you to implement into a close combat, fist to fist fighter game. There are kicks and punches and for each kick and punch there is a counter attack and counter attack react animation to go with it! Perfect for a free flow combat style game!

Any suggestions? Something you want to see in the pack that's not here? Something need changing? Email me at: [email protected]

Technical Details​

  • Right Punch: 4 counters, 4 counter reacts
  • Left Punch: 4 counters, 4 counter reacts
  • Right Kick: 3 counters, 3 counter reacts
  • Left Kick: 3 counters, 3 counter reacts
  • For each there is a full punch and punch react
Rigged to Epic Skeleton: Yes
Number of Animations: 36
Animation Types: 36 in-place
Supported Development Platforms: All
Supported Target Build Platforms: All

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