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Fantasy Knight Set for Stylized Males and Females and MetaHumans

PREMIUM Asset 5.0 4.27 Fantasy Knight Set for Stylized Males and Females and MetaHumans 2022-07-26

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Knight set Buff update 003-1920x1080-f0c13b9ce9ab176d04194322a4b59183.jpg

This modular Knight set is compatible with the characters from the "Stylized Action Adventure Male and Female" bundle. MetaHuman variants based on Male/Female Tall Normal are also provided.

VIdeo presentation


Tutorial on how to use a custom character model with a character controller + assembling multiple parts

The modular armor is broken down into Helmet/Upper/Lower/Gloves/Shoes/Shoulderpads, with variants for each . Also comes with an optional hood cap.

8 female hairstyles and 10 male hairstyles and facial hair options are provided. The set also comes with a sword, shield, goggles, bonus inventory-style items (scroll, flask, gem), and male and female heads.

Static sword stances are included for preview. 4 body types are supported : Male, Regular Female, Tall Female, Buff male.

Other PO-Art compatible products :

Stylized Males and Females

Trooper set w. heads

Elf set w. heads

Female Mannequin

For updates on new PO-Art marketplace releases visit this page to subscribe to the newsletter : PO-Art newsletter

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Technical Details:

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

Animated: Yes (comes with an edited duplicate of the default third person controller)

Number of characters: One modular armor set on four bodies

Armor + helmet (without feathers) total : 20627 tris

Most complex hair combo (all parts) : 5568 tris

Male form template : 10800 tris

Female form template : 8427 tris

Textures sizes from 1024 to 2048.

All items colorizable with either ID mask tinting of greyscale base or full texture swaps.

Target Build Platforms: All

How to use : Import/migrate the contents into the desired project and right-click assign the skeletal mesh to the Epic Mannequin Skeleton, or to the skeletons from the Stylized Male and Female bundle.

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