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Female Shooter Character Template

PRO Asset 4.26 Female Shooter Character Template 1.3.0

No permission to download

Playable Demo

User Guide / Documentation
[Version 1.3.0 Documentation in progress]
(Documentation is updated periodically, contact us through email or discord if you cannot find the info you're looking for)


  • Version 1.3.0 [2:13 Youtube] (Shooting system, reworked blueprint components, modular animations, customizable ammo/equipment set/shooting pattern, placeholder flashlight, target practice map)
  • Updated Content (Version 1.1.0) [2:33 Youtube] (Code cleanup, component based system, smooth camera transition, experimental multiplayer support)
  • Features Overview (3:09, Youtube)
  • Animation Preview (0:57, Youtube)

Free Add-On:

See Version History for details on what has changed since the last version.

Playable Female Shooter character template with dual-gun setup for your third person game.
Works as a base to quickly assemble your game character and speed up your development workflow.

  • Ready-to-use Character Blueprint example (female mannequin included)
  • Component based blueprint + modular sub-graph animations
  • Pre-arranged Gamepad and Keyboard/Mouse inputs (input placed inside the Character Blueprint).
  • Fully arranged default animations and blueprints (97 animations + 9 blendspaces) (animations can be replaced from the character blueprint)
  • Projectile shooting system with separate gunhand control
  • Directional gun aim/shoot animations
  • Placeholder guns, holsters, muzzle flash, bullet trail, hit effect, flashlight, equipments
  • Independent spinning animations for the guns (is not tied to the character's animation)
  • Camera manager
  • Showcase/Demo maps

The following actions can be immediately performed without further adjustment to the Blueprints:
  • run/walk (in normal and strafe mode)
  • crouch + crouch walk (in normal and strafe mode)
  • jump
  • double jump + somersault (modify the parameter to choose which one should be performed)
  • roll (8-direction)
  • equip/unequip gun (with either normal or gunspinning style)
  • aim
  • shoot (customizable shooting pattern)
  • basic Item interaction

Make sure to try the demo first to get a feel on how the character plays.
For those who have purchased the product, demo map is included in Content/FemaleShooter/Map/Map03

Technical Details​

  • 2 Example Characters + Animation Blueprints (Gamepad + Keyboard/Mouse input support)
  • 97 Character Animations + 9 Blendspaces
  • Dual projectile shooting system (each hands can be controlled individually)
  • Locomotion (run, walk, crouch, jump, roll, double jump/somersault)
  • Shooter actions (equip/unequip guns, aim, dual hand shooting, individual single hand shooting)
  • Directional animation for aiming and shooting
  • Customizable ammo, equipment set, and shooting pattern
  • Placeholder crosshair (dual reticle)
  • Placeholder equipments (2 guns, 2 holsters, 1 headgear, 1 body armor)
  • Placeholder particle effects (muzzle flash, bullet trail, hit impact)
  • Placeholder flashlight
  • Shooting cans (for projectile testing)
  • Simple item pickup system
  • Camera/Aim manager
  • Demo map
  • Modular component and animation approach

Rigged to Epic skeleton:
Yes (+ 7 additional sockets)

IK bones are included:

Number of Animations:
97 animations + 9 blendspace

Animation types (Root Motion/In-place):

Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Untested


Important/Additional Notes:

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