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Hair Studio - 1.4

FREE Unity Hair Studio - 1.4 LAST VERSION

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Beautiful hair, now in Unity.

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CREATE YOUR OWN STYLE with a complete set of intuitive tools. You can author an infinity of styles directly into Unity, without any artistic or modeling skill. Start straight away by painting hair roots on any mesh !

SIMULATE & RENDER tens of thousands of individual strands. Inspired by Pixar's and AMD most recent technologies, the built-in physically-based renderer draws and animates beautiful and realistic hair in no time.
Realism is not your cup of tea? just override any of the automated values to get the very effect you desire.

LEARN FAST thanks to a complete textual documentation, video tutorials and a showcase scene where each and every feature is demonstrated and explained individually.
Tons of examples in motion included!

PERFORMANCE! Hair simulation is a heavy load, but HairStudio is fast! Performant shaders, finely optimized code, automatic level of detail... You can now add hair to every corner of your game.

COMPATIBLE with all platforms except WebGL. Requires at least Unity 2018.4.
HDRP is supported in version 8 (Unity 2020.1). HDRP 7 (2019.1 and above) seems to work in some situations and may be worth a try. No guarantee alas!
URP is NOT supported yet.

Code included!

Need support? Have a bug to report? Want to request a feature or to show your last hair style? Come and visit the officiel thread on the Unity forum (link above).
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