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Highlight Plus - 5.1

FREE Unity Highlight Plus - 5.1 LAST VERSION

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Highlight Plus adds outline, glow, overlay, see-through and other effects to any 3D object in your scene.

HP has been designed with platform compatibility and performance in mind.

Web demo

** Visual Features **

- Outline color, alpha and width.
- Outer glow color, width, alpha, animation speed, dithering, multi-colored.
- Inner glow color, width and intensity.
- Overlay color, alpha and animation speed.
- See-Through effect intensity, tint color and alpha. Occluded objects keep their correct depth. Plus additional colored border option.
- Target effect with customizable transition, animation, texture and color. Also compatible with Skinned Meshes. In addition to highlight a target you can now focus attention to any number of locations with this new feature.
- Hit/Flash effect with customizable color, intensity and fade out duration.

** Other features **

- Preview effect in Editor (no need to go into play mode).
- Extreme flexibility: can affect individual or group of objects or run in automatic mode with layer option.
- Option to trigger by entering a volume.
- Can exclude specific submeshes.
- Event system to fine-control automatic mode.
- Fade in/out.
- Copy settings into reusable profiles.
- Works with normal, skinned meshes and LOD groups.
- Works with orthographic and perspective cameras as well as with multiple cameras.
- Safe: does not modify object materials, shader nor mesh.
- Performant: this is not a full screen image effect.
- Ordered see-through. More details here.
- 4 quality levels.

** Platform compatibility **

Built-in / Standard pipeline (Unity 2018.4+)
- Compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, WebGL.
- VR compatible.
- Super fast on mobile.

Universal Rendering Pipeline (Unity 2019.3+)
The asset includes a version designed for Universal Rendering Pipeline as well.

Note: Highlight Plus works with meshes (3D or 2D).
For Sprite highlighting use Highlight Plus 2D.

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