Hover cars with physics based customization

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Fully functional with same features as a car Its stylized and with the Celshaded and outline shaders included this looks like its straight out of a cartoon.

Drivable Car: This uses a custom build driving system to make the hovercar feel more realistic.Its also customizable enabling you to have different speeds and handling with different engine upgrades

Physics based customization: This is a true physics based customization system. You order parts from your computer, pick them up and carry them to your car to install. No inventories, no menus.

Working Computer: Apart from a custom browser with tabs, the computer can also open pictures, get emails and save notes, all from convenient and realistic icons on the desktop or in the taskbar.

Colors : Everything can be setup to be paintable. Paint the walls in your workshop (Which you can customize with furniture) or individual car parts. You can even paint windows.

Features HERE
Join our discord HERE
Get our tutorial video HERE
And before you buy, play the demo HERE

Technical Details​

  • Drive able car with working lights, fuel, heat and much more(see trailer)
  • Customizable cars using a physics based customization system
  • Easy to setup and tutorial videos available
  • Working terminal with browser, email, pictures and notes
  • Unique painting system
  • Customizable workshop
  • and so much more, be sure to play the demo to experience everything
Number of Blueprints:9
Input: Keyboard / Mouse
Network Replicated: NO. Sorry guys this is not for multiplayer.
Supported Development Platforms:
Only tested on Windows
Documentation: I don't have documentation but be sure to check our tutorial video, or join our discord for support
Important/Additional Notes: This is a rather complicated and quite big system so I do recommend you watch the tutorial video before you buy to make sure you are able to follow along. We do offer a lot of support to our supporters but please remember we can only support you with things directly related to our product, so play the demo and watch the videos to make sure you will be able to follow along! Thank you for your interest.

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