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HQ PBR Retro Office - 1.0

FREE Unity HQ PBR Retro Office - 1.0 LAST VERSION

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UPDATE: Only interested in purchasing the props in this scene? Checkout the new HQ PBR Retro Office Props Kit!"

The HQ PBR Retro Office environment is finally here!

More than a year in the making, the HQ PBR Retro Office is as much of a breathtaking visual experience as it is a highly optimized AAA beautifully detailed and intelligently organized Unity 5 environment pack -- and with the added benefit of nostalgic retro styling!

HQ PBR has been working on this package intensely for almost 18 months, and we're so proud to release it to our fellow Unity Asset Store patrons! Note: The HQ PBR Retro Office is a AAA quality physically-based environment which is densely packed with high-quality assets and unclamped texture sizes -- all textures are at a minimum of 1024x1024, some as high as 4K -- adjust your quality settings as needed.

HQ PBR takes pride in elite craftsmanship -- Consistent texel density? Check! Consistent physically accurate scale standards? Check! Truly physically accurate material definitions? Check! Intelligently placed pivots? Check! Reduced vert counts? Check! Non-tiling prop materials, dedicated UVs per prop, 1 material channel per prop? Check! Extremely low draw calls per-prop for most efficient PBR rendering performance? Check!

We will be updating this package over the coming year with even more HQ PBR assets, but we're beginning to take orders at a reduced introductory price for Version 1.0 -- get your early access savings today!

Asset Package Includes:

HQ PBR Retro Office Scene (Pictured)
675+ HQ PBR Texture Maps*
400+ HQ PBR Prefabs (Game Ready)
375+ HQ PBR Models (Low Poly)
275+ HQ PBR Materials (Unity Standard)

*Each material's Smoothness/Metalness/Occlusion values are stored in a single RGBA TIFF for maximum efficiency and memory overhead.

Prefabs Include:

Alarm Clock
Baseboard Heater
Bathroom Sink Kit
Bulletin Board Kit
Cardboard Boxes
Camera + Tripod
Ceiling Light
Can Lights
Cafeteria Buffet Kit
Computer Chairs
Coffee Table
Computer Command Console
Cubical Walls Kit
Desktop Computers
Desk Fan
Desk Radio
Door Kit
Drain Mats
Elevator Kit
Elevator Dial & Keypad
Evidence Bag
Executive Chairs
Film Reel Canister
Fingerprint Scans
Fire Extinguisher
Fish Bowl & Goldfish
Rubber Gloves
Industrial Computer Server
Office Sign
Knoll Chair
Knoll Loveseat
Knoll Sofa
Floor Lamp
Teller Lamp
Table Lamps
Ball Lamp Chandelier
Medicine Bottle
Modular Walls Kit
Office Partition Kit
Microfilm Viewer
Molded Chairs
Filing Cabinets Kit
Office Hutches Kit
Office Window Blinds Kit
Emergency Telephone
Reel Projector Kit
Radiator Heater
Record Albums
Wall Shelves
Stage Lights
Stereo Boombox
Storage Box Albums
Dining Tables
End Tables
Conference Tables
Drafting Table
Tape Recorder
Trash Cans
Peace Lily
Velvet Rope
Vending Machine
VHS Tape
Video Camera Set
Wall Mounted Chair
Whiskey Glass Set
Wine Bottle
Warning Signs
Papers & Debris

...And much more!

All assets are professionally organized and share consistent naming conventions across all prefabs, materials, textures and even the mesh names.

HQ PBR welcomes all comments and questions!

Note: Don't forget to change your Color Space setting to Linear!
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