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HUD Navigation System - 2.1.0

FREE Unity HUD Navigation System - 2.1.0 LAST VERSION

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HUD Navigation System (HNS) is the ultimate collection of the most common navigation concepts from various games. It has been continuously developed, improved and tested since 2017. HNS is modular so you can easily disable features you don't need (unused features don't affect the performance).

Just use the built-in Quick Setup window to integrate HNS into your existing projects within seconds. With components like the UI Prefab, you can easily create your own designs that can be used by the various features of HNS. Custom transforms can be assigned in the editor and controlled by code, making it easy to implement custom logic such as item pickups or other interactions.

HNS Features:
● Radar
● Compass Bar
● Indicators (On/Off-Screen)
● Minimap

HNS was successfully tested and is compatible with Unity versions 5.6 to 2020.1.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Documentation | Online Demo | Youtube Channel

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