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Advanced master material that supports multiple types of ice like ground ice, ice cubes, icebergs, crystals, and icicles. A great solution for improving your level of storytelling on cold arctic maps. Designed and optimized for Mobile, Virtual Reality, and stylized PC/Console games.

  • Uses NEW FAST cracks rendering method. Implementation of the new cheap iterative technique of parallax for rendering deep cracks based on Signed Distance Field Textures. Thanks to using the SDF result effect stays clean and smooth even on closeups with using only 7 texture reads!
  • Advanced translucency options. Translucency supports depth fading fog for a better quality of covering the objects inside the ice.
  • Multiple types of refraction: box projection mapping/screen color/build-in refraction pin.
  • Extended reflection mode. System supports pre-rendered cube map reflections mapped on meshes using box projection/spherical mapping.
  • Icy vertex offset coating. Material supports configurable animated vertex displacement.
  • Masked dithering. Use translucent material only where you need it and dither the opaque material around the translucent regions.
  • An animated dust map with refraction noise makes the material look even deeper and more real.

***Monthly Unreal Engine Sponsored Content product for September 2019***

Technical Details​

Number of Master Materials: 1
Textures and Resolutions: (3) 2048, (3) 1024, (5) 512, (1) 64
Package size without demo content and tools: 8 MB
Material Instances: 15 examples
Supported development platforms: Windows, Mac OS
Supported Target Build Platforms: All (there are some limitations on mobile)
Additional content:
  • Textures of ice have been created procedurally using Blueprints, materials, and render targets. The tool, materials, example map, sources are included in this package.
  • Multiple useful examples included. The package contains an example map with a showcase of multiple samples of using the material.
  • The system includes additional tools for generating new Signed Distance Fields and environment cube maps.
  • Efficient and GPU friendly. Uses between 90-210 instructions depending on the number of features enabled can be used on VR and even mobile.
  • Customization options. Over 200 parameters to make it look cool. Additionally, Over 50 switches allow controlling efficiency-quality trade off.

Important/Additional Notes: Package DEMO folder contains example content from Epic pack (Starter Content) used only for demonstration purposes.

I am ready for your requests. Remember that your positive rating and comments are my fuel for the next update.[/video]
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