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Massive RPG Systems

PRO Asset 5.4 Massive RPG Systems v2.5

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XXXXXMASSIVE RPG SYSTEMS NEW COVER-1920x1080-2e824de35a43f6d404a643d26d724670.png

MMO-Style / Regular Style ARPG Project.

This is a Complete Project that contains a lot of Ready Pre-built Systems That are completely modifiable and Easy to Use.

The Featured Images are mostly old so I recommend watching the Video Instead !

Note: If you had the project before Update v2.5, I recommend you to backup your work before updating it.

Compatible with UE5 - Update v2.5

Update v2.5: Overview Video

Playthrough & Overview Video "Old First Video"

Update v2.5 Playable Demo

Updated v2.5 Documentation: Link - The project is very well documented now !

I know it took some time, but now we have it ! and I will still happily receive your questions and I will try my best to help you as always.

Update 2 "Old" but can explain features: Overview VideoUpdate 1 "Old" but can explain features: Overview Video

Recommended:= Please, Watch all the videos for more and better idea and details about the project. :D

UPDATE 2.5:What's New:
  • - Regular ARPG gameplay style & MMO Style are working together, To switch between MMO & Regular STYLES during Gameplay you only need to Hold the “L” key !
  • - Better-New Anims & Functions & Auto-Landscape Material & Alpha Brushes.
  • - Optimized Experience: You can use Higher quality assets like (2k/4k) and still get 90+ Frame Rate instead of the lower quality and the ~30 Frame Rate in the old system !
  • - New Skill Types such as “Meteor or Nuke” which is a projectile skill that falls on the enemy from a certain height and cause damage !
  • - New Enemy Types such as (Warrior, Rogue, Wizard) They can have weapons and attack the player ! any enemy actually can do that following the same method.
  • - New Curses for Enemies that they can use to attack and affect the player ! these curses can do anything !
  • - Everything is well optimized and Instance Editable ! you can create (Skills, Curses, Enemies, NPCs, Items, Equipment, etc… ANYTHING easily) .

UPDATE 2:What's New:
  • - Line Trace Targeting and Highlight has been added to Bow & XBow too.
  • - All Projectile Abilities "Skills" now go Straight forward on a line trace without jerking around when there is a problem with your enemy collision.
  • - Attack Distance System completely reworked.
  • - All weapons have Attack Distance Variable now and Ranged Weapons have longer Attack Distances.
  • - Attack Distance is Calculated by "Stats Component" with 3 Co-Variables.
  • - Attack Distance is now showed on Character Info Widget and on All weapons Tooltip Widgets.
  • - Attack Distance is saved with save game like all stats.
  • - More Optimized Systems and Gameplay.

UPDATE 1: What's New:
  • Regular ARPG Gameplay "Non-MMO" has been added !
  • New Animations Especially for "Bow & XBow (Crossbow)" Added.
  • More Optimized & Organized Experience.
  • Smooth Camera Transitions

Note: Please read the documentation Carefully !

I've Provided a set of Tutorials as a Playlist on Youtube & There will be more tutorials soon: Tutorials

All Third Party Assets are either Made By Me or From Epic Content or From Open Sources of CC0 Free Public Assets Such as (Opengameart.org, Polyhaven.com & Pexels.com).

This Product Contains More than 20 Systems:

Systems & Features:

1- Inventory System.

2- Equipment System.

3- Combat System.

4- Damage Calculation System.

5- Dialogue System.

6- Shop System.

7- Quest System.

8- AI – Enemies.

9- Day/Night Cycle.

10- Skills & Ability System.

11- Skill Tree System

12- Quest Chain.

13- World Map.

14- Mini-map.

Both maps with markers “Dynamic, Static”.

15- Action Bar.

16- Location Entry, Quest Notification.

17- Equipment Enhancement System.

18- Skill Upgrading System.

19- Fast travel.

20- Auto-Spawn for Enemies.

21- Save Game System.

22- Exp, Skill Point, Level UP Systems.

23- Character Stats.

& More

Everything is Instance Editable !



  • Inventory & Equipment Systems
  • Equipment Enhancement System
  • Combat (Hand, Weapon, Skills) & Damage Calculation (Physical, Magical)
  • Player Classes & Races
  • Different Weapons & Equipment & Skills for Each Race or Class
  • Skills (Buffs, Curses, Physical & Magical Attack, Projectile, AoE, Passive Skills) & Skill Tree & Skill Upgrade System
  • Dialogue System " Is the Engine of the Quest System & Shops "
  • Quest System & Quest Chain, Can take and finish multiple objectives of different quests at the same time! No need to set an active Quest.
  • World Map & Mini-map With Markers & Fast Travel
  • EXP, Skill Points, Level Up Systems
  • Character Stats System
  • Enemy AI with different enemy types and abilities & Auto-Spawn
  • Enemy AI can use Various Curses on the player.
  • Saving & Loading & Autosave
  • Day & Night Cycle
  • Shops
  • Action Bar with Multiple Slots (40+ Slots) & More...

Number of Blueprints: 226

Network Replicated: (No)

Supported Development Platforms: "Theoretically should work on Android & IOS too but I never tested it".

If you have any questions: Contact Me

Updated Documentation v2.5: Link

Important/Additional Notes: All Third Party Assets are either Made By Me or From Epic Content or Open Source CC0 Free Public Assets.


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