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Mesh Tool is an mesh editor for Unreal Engine. It allows you to edit mesh assets and prototype props and levels without leaving Unreal Editor.
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Technical Details​

Highlight of Features:

Select & Transform
  • Vertex/Edge/Face/Quad/Object Mode
  • Select/Translate/Rotate/Scale elements
  • Vertex Snap
  • Delta Transform
  • Marquee Select
  • Convert Selection between Vertex/Edge/Face
  • Show/Hide Transform Widget
  • Customizable Transform Widget Pivot
Vertex Op
  • Create Face from Selected Vertices
  • Collapse/Weld Vertices
  • Align Vertices
  • Set as Ruler
Edge Op
  • Split/Turn/Bridge/Extrude Edges
  • Insert Edge Loop
Face Op
  • Slab Transform
  • Draw Quad/Circle/Box on Customizable Draw Plane
  • Flip Faces Normal
  • Extrude/Inset/Duplicate/Separate Faces
  • Assign Material to Individual Faces
  • Flatten Faces / Plane Cut/ Mirror Faces
Texture Map (UV) Op
  • Planar or Box Mapping
  • Pan/Rotate/Scale/Flip UV
  • Match UV / Flow UV
Object Op
  • Flip All /Weld All Vertices
  • Hide/Show Other Actors
  • Recompute Normal
  • Insert Primitive
  • Auto UV / Auto Smooth
Mesh Op
  • Save/Duplicate/Browse to Current Editing Static Mesh
- MeshTool (Editor)
Important/Additional Notes:
- Full c++ source code included, works with both Luancher and Github builds
- Works with both C++ and Blueprint only projects
- Supported Development Platforms: Windows (Prebuilt Binary for Mac but not tested)

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