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MeshBake - 1.6

PREMIUM Plugin 4.26 MeshBake - 1.6 LAST VERSION

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Video 1: Demonstration Video
Video 2: Reducing drawcalls from 7700 to 1000 with MeshBake
Video 3: Merging modular Skeletal Meshes to one output Skeletal Mesh while also baking the materials
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New Features in 1.7:
  • Morph Target baking. Active Morph Targets on selected actors can be baked directly into the baked mesh geometry. A button has been added to the SkeletalMesh editor viewport that will select the preview mesh in the SkeletalMesh/Animation editor viewport when clicked. This allows for any Morph Target values set in the editor window to be quickly baked out to a new model directly from the SkeletalMesh editor window.
  • Merging of identical UV mesh sections into a single shared UV space. Identical source mesh sections will share a single unique set of UV values in the baked output mesh.
  • Low memory mode. Enabling Low memory mode greatly reduces the maximum memory usage while baking, at the expense of being slightly slower in certain cases. If your system is paging to disk while baking, enable this option to help prevent paging and greatly reduce the total baking time.

New Features in 1.2: Skeletal Mesh and Static Mesh merging. Modular Skeletal Meshes can now be merged together in the editor quickly and easily.

MeshBake is a C++ plugin that allows in-editor baking and merging of materials and sections for both Skeletal and Static meshes. MeshBake allows you to bake meshes without leaving the editor, thus avoiding the cumbersome importing and exporting of assets and recreating of materials that would normally be required when baking with a third-party program.

Technical Details​

  • Bake and merge materials for both Skeletal and Static meshes
  • Merge separate SkeletalMeshes together while preserving skinning & mesh data
  • SkeletalMesh skinning preserved
  • SkeletalMesh bones, sockets, and skeleton preserved
  • Auto-Merge/Bake materials based on shading model type
  • Merge/Bake materials based on manually defined input/output section map
  • Bake vertex colors (optional)
  • Transfer vertex colors (optional)
  • Transfer clothing & clothing sections (optional)
  • Run on components in PIE or directly on assets in the content browser
  • In-Editor plugin, no importing/exporting of assets required
Code Modules:
  • MeshBake [Editor]
Number of Blueprints: 0
Number of C++ Classes:5
Network Replicated: N/A
Supported Development Platforms: Windows 64-bit only
Documentation: Documentation
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