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Mixamo Animation Retargeting

FREE Plugin 5.0 Mixamo Animation Retargeting V 2.2.0

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UE4 Mixamo Animation Retargeting is an editor plugin that helps integrating Mixamo assets (exported from Auto-Rigger, 3D Characters, 3D Animations) into Unreal Engine 4.
With few clicks, it allows you to use any Mixamo animation with any UE4 character, and use any UE4 animation with any Mixamo character. In addition, it makes possible to use Root Motion animations on Mixamo characters and create Root Motion animations from Mixamo In-Place animations.

Video Trailer
Getting Started (video tutorial)
Video Tutorials Playlist
Support thread

Note: This product is not made by, or affiliated with, Mixamo or Adobe Systems in any way.

The plugin implements several advanced functionalities to obtain the best results in an automated way:
  • automatic configuration of all the setups required by the UE4 Retarget Manager;
  • the Retarget Base Pose is computed analytically, obtaining an exact and perfect match of the skeletons used by UE4 for the retargeting of the animations;
  • a Root Bone is added to the Mixamo skeleton (and all the related skeletal meshes and animations), allowing the use of Root Motion animations with it;
  • convert Mixamo animations to UE4 Root Motion Animations (NOTE: both the normal and in-place Mixamo animations are required, see the video tutorial).

To run the tool:
  • ensure that the Unreal Engine 4 mannequin skeleton in your project has the “Humanoid” rig set;
  • select a Mixamo skeleton asset and execute the “Retarget Mixamo Skeleton Asset” contextual action.
Then you are ready to retarget all the needed animations (select an animation, then Retarget Anim Assets > Duplicate Anim Assets and Retarget).

The tool also supports batch processing.

Technical Details​

• Editor plugin.
• No third party code.
• Automatic setup of Translation Retargeting options.
• Automatic setup of Rig mapping.
• Analytical computation of the exact Retarget Base Pose. Some bones preserve the original component space orientation due differences between Mixamo and Epic reference poses: "Head", "LeftToeBase", "RightToeBase".
• Addition of the Root bone to enable Root Motion animations.
• End results can be hand-tuned if needed (see the video tutorial).
• Animation Retargeting is done with the standard editor pipeline (Retarget Anim Assets > Duplicate Anim Assets and Retarget).
• Conversion of Mixamo animations to UE4 root motion animations (both “normal” animation and “in-place” animation are needed for the computation - see the video tutorial).
• As importing a new animation on a modified skeleton causes the "FBX Import Error" message, see the video tutorial.

Intended Platforms: Windows, Mac
Platforms Tested: Windows, Mac
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