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NPC Optimizator

PRO Plugin Constant Updates 4.27 NPC Optimizator 1.5.7

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NPC Optimizator - it's a plugin provide you flexible automatic NPC optimization for you game.

Do you have a need for a large number of NPCs in a frame, but the standard solution slows down the performance?
No problem, just add an optimization component to your NPC and run the game - you will see a huge performance boost. If you wish, you can always adjust the optimization for each wave separately in order to balance between the quality and speed of your NPCs.

Video demonstration of work: Watch
Documentation: Read
Demo project: Download
Example project for owners: Download
Support Discord group : Enter
My other plugins : There

Since from version 1.4 NPC Optimizator support working with UE5.
You can manually build it from source code or request prebuilt binaries by email:
To: [email protected]
From: Please use the email used on the invoice
Subject: NPC Optimizator UE5 request
Attached files : Invoice for NPC Optimizator

Demo project UE5 : Download
Example project UE5 : Download

Technical Details​

  • Automatic NPC optimization based on Character & Pawn class
  • Huge amount of setting for balancing quality & performance
  • No limitations for NPC logic
  • Plugin optimize skeletal meshes, movement component & ai controller
  • You can choose the components for optimization yourself using the special tag
  • Easy integration
  • Up to 6x faster on average (out of box)
  • Fully written in C++
  • Works theoretically on all platforms
  • Allows to use for optimization of any characters with skeletal meshes, including in multiplayer game

Code Modules:
  • Runtime
  • Editor

Number of Blueprints: 0
Number of C++ Classes: 3
Network Replicated: Work for local player
Supported Development Platforms: Win64, Win32, Linux, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64, Win32, Linux, Mac, Android
Potentially work on but need to be tested : PS4, XboxOne, IOS

Latest updates


    Fixed: Crash on some cases Added: New parameter : “IgnoreOptimizationTag” - Special tag to...

    NPC Optimizator - v.1.5.5 Fixed: - Missed some settings for invisible wave Added: - New...
  3. UPDATE TO 1.5.3

    Updated to version 1.5.3

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