Physically Accurate Quadcopter

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If you're looking to make a game about quadcopters or just add a pet drone into your project, we got you!
PAQ is a 100% physically simulated quadrotor flight model, tested by professional pilots and approved for drone pilot training. Features twin-stick controls, vertical and position stabilization, camera gimbal control, can be configured to fly using any RC type controller with any SDL-based joystick plugin out there.
Don't believe words - grab a demo (126Mb, Win x64) and see for yourself!

v1.12 (March 15th 2021)

Fixed yaw behaviour in Acro mode
v1.1 (July 9th 2020)
Added Acro mode
v1.01 (March 14th 2019)
Pitch/roll edge case stabilization fixes
Initial version

Technical Details​

  • Physically simulated quadrotor flight model similar to popular consumer-grade quadcopters
  • PID controlled vertical and position stabilization
  • Acro mode
  • More to come!
Number of Blueprints: 3
Input: Gamepad, Keyboard
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Any
Supported Target Build Platforms: Any
Documentation: Full instructions on setting up your own drone models here (also included in the project folder)

For additional support: contact me at or Unreal Sandbox Discord Server