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Pirate Island

PRO Asset 4.27 4.26 Pirate Island LAST VERSION

No permission to download

Pirate island with ready environment. It Includes models, effects, sounds, wind system, simplified physical water.
This asset contains upgraded shaders from the Vertex Paint Master pack and some materials from the Stylized Textures Mega Pack.

Playable Demo
Technical Oreview

Update 1
  • New line of shore
  • Animations and effects for the chests
  • New wind function for vegetation
  • Now the wind affects on the particles
  • New call event for change of weather
  • Grass interaction Function
  • New sounds and some small improvements
  • Landscape VirtualTexture support 4.23+

The work on the next update is in process.

Technical Details​

Number of Blueprints: 13
Collision\PBR\LODs: Yes
Meshes: 234, +69 merged
VerticesBase: 4-90000
Sounds: 20
Effects: 20
Number of Textures: 347
Texture Size: 2048x2048 and less
Materials: 38
MaterialInstances: 160
MaterialFunctions: 40
HDD 2.6 Gb

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