Portal Gun Portals

PREMIUM Asset 4.26 Portal Gun Portals LAST VERSION

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Video Preview (in play) - Here
This asset provides you with a complete blueprint ready to use portal gun. This project is made on first person template. An example map is given to test all its features. The obvious function of this portal gun is that 2 different portals can be spawned on the map anywhere on any wall that is 0 , 90 or 180 degree angle. The player can then teleport from on portal to another portal location. Each Portal shows the view as apparent from the other portal i.e. as seen by the other portal. This rendering gives a very realistic look to the portal gun.
Other feature is that the rotation of the player no matter which axis he teleported from he is always facing forward. This creates a smooth gameplay experience for the player.
Another important feature is the transfer of velocity from one portal to another on teleportation i.e. if the person enters a portal at high velocity he will come out of the other portal at a high velocity. This features can be uniquely used in a lot of ways to create many interesting puzzles .
And one small feature is that when only one portal is spawned on the map it has a different material and obviously the player can not teleport in that case.

Technical Details​

Features: (Please include a full, comprehensive list of the features of the product)
  • Spawn 2 connected portals through a gun . (Portal implying players goes through 1st portal and gets spawned through the 2nd portal)\
  • With a little modification the portals can be used independently without the gun if needed.
  • When both portals are spawned each of them shows the render target from the other one i.e. each portal shows the view as seen from the other.
  • Velocity can be transferred when teleporting from one portal to other (can be used to create unique gameplay/puzzles) .
  • When only one portal is spawned the portal has a custom material.
  • No matter the axis of teleportation the player will always look forward.
  • Blueprints and assets are completely customisable i.e. you can change the color or textures of the portal as you want or change spawning sound effect or customise BP as per your need.
  • Projectiles and other assets can also be allowed or disallowed to pass through the portal by changing their collision settings.
Number of Blueprints: 3 - FirstPersonBP , Portal 1 and Portal 2
Input: Mouse inputs preconfigured.
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms :
Windows: Yes
Mac: Untested
Documentation: :None
Important/Additional Notes: The looks of these portals can be completely customised by adding new PNG or changing colors as you wish.

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