Stylized Village by Meshingun Studio

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playable demo to see the performance and the quality of the pack on your system before purchase.

Important: Winter map will be added to the pack in few days.

Stylized Village is an asset pack made by collaboration between MESHINGUN STUDIO and William Tate. The environment is inspired by Fantasy and Stylized themes. It contains 3 pre-assembled maps to showcase possible different atmospheres and settings. Pack includes 450 unique high-quality static meshes, around 300 textures, and more than 100 material instances. All static meshes include LODs up to 8 level and imposter LODs are also created for larger foliage to ensure optimal performance. The variety of modular assets in this pack give you the possibility to make your own fantasy game world.

Technical Details​

3 Pre-Assembled Maps (Showcase)
· 1 Winter Map (Midnight) *Recently Added
· 1 Summer Map (Daylight)
· 1 Autumn (Sunset)
1 Overview Map
· Modular assets
Free Playable Demo build
6 Master Materials
· More than 100 instances
450 Unique and Modular Assets
· Props such as Barrel, Clay pots variations, Lantern variations, Ladder and more
· Modular Architecture Pieces such as Brick/Stone Walls, Doors, Arches, Planks and many more
· Foliage such as Trees, Ground Covers, Flowers, Grass, Ivies and more
· 2 Blueprints (Lanterns) On/Off switch
290 High-Quality Textures
· Unique textures
· Decal textures

Texture Sizes: 2048
· Precise hand-adjusted LODs up to 7 levels
· Imposter LODs for large foliage

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