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SCI FI Satellite


No permission to download

Working SCI - Fi Satellite, with custom animations when deploying, can be possessed, multiple camera with zoom in and out functions.
Project come with all sounds for immersion, but sounds can be switched off ( no sounds in Space )
Satellite will follow spline and spline can be closed or open loop
All in one easy to use Blueprint.
Project come with every planet and Earth's Moon in our Solar system.
Demonstration video

Try it before you get it, if you like it tell me why if you don't like it then especially tell me why i will improve the project.
Demo download.
This project is by request thanks to everyone for idea.
Thank you :)

Technical Details​

Fully working SCI-FI Satellite
Functionality :
  • Custom animation for deployment
  • Can be possessed
  • 2 camera locations
  • Zoom in and out functions
  • Satellite will follow spline as path
  • Custom sounds for immersion but sounds can be switched off directly from blueprint
  • Project include materials for all planets and Earth's Moon in our Solar system
  • Two custom sky boxes
All integrated in one blueprint, fully explained nodes. easy to understand.

Number of Blueprints:
  • One for Satellite
  • One for Skybox
Input: Mouse & Keyboard
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: No

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