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The Curviest Curve

FREE Plugin 4.26 The Curviest Curve LAST VERSION

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Curve Assets are great. They make it possible to coordinate how many parameters change over time in a visual way. The issue is that currently you can either build lots of float curves, or stuff data into vector and color curves and break it out. There's no way to name the parameters you're driving in a curve, and there's no way to see multiple parameters (beyond 4) in one curve asset.

This plugin makes it possible to have as many curves as you want stored inside a single curve asset, so you can easily author whatever complex behaviors you desire.

Join my Discord Server, message me on twitter @sclark39, or post in the Forum Thread to ask questions and offer suggestions.

Technical Details​

  • New Curve Asset Type : Curviest (allows as many curves as you want)
  • New Blueprint Node: Get Curve Values (generic method to get values out of any curve type, broken into float output pins)
  • All the colors
  • Live updating -- you can edit your curves and see the results in real time while running your game.
  • [NEW] Change the curve colors to be whatever you want
  • Curves can have names to make them easier to work with
  • [NEW] Organize your curves and group them into folders, all in one curve asset
  • [NEW] Supports the new Curve Editor in UE 4.24
  • Adds support for new Retime and Transform tools to manipulate your curves
  • [NEW] Adds the ability to lock curves, a feature missing from UE 4.24!

Code Modules:
  • Editor: Create and edit complex curve assets
  • Run-Time: Use complex curve assets to drive whatever behaviors you want

Example Projects:

Supported Development Platforms: Win64, Win32, XboxOne, PS4, Switch
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64, Win32, XboxOne, PS4, Switch
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