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Third Person Shooter Kit v2.0

PRO Asset 4.27 Third Person Shooter Kit v2.0 2.0

No permission to download


Update 2.0 is available now! More updates and tutorials will be released throughout 2022.​

TPS Kit v2.0 update trailer: Link

Discord: Link

Documentation(work in progress): Link

Tutorials playlist: Link

Road map: Link

If you have any questions before buying, feel free to reach out on Discord or e-mail!​

Technical Details​

Main features:

- Cover system
- Human AI (hostile and friendly)
- First person aiming
- Advanced weapon system
- Impact system
- Melee attacks system
- Hit reaction system
- Surveillance camera
- Stationary and flying turrets
- Items system
- And much much more!

e-mail: [email protected]
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