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Third Person Story Adventure Template

FREE Asset 4.26 Third Person Story Adventure Template 06-10-2022

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** This is an advanced asset and despite detailed documentation and video tutorials, beginners might have trouble understanding and using it. Please also consider, due to it's complexity, the template is not meant for migration into existing projects. However this can be achieved with a fair Unreal Engine knowledge. **

Windows Demo / Video
Help: Documentation / Discord / Video Tutorial
This template is intended to serve as a core framework for a story-based type of game with environmental interactions. Not only is it designed for artists and designers who want to realize their ideas without extensive programming knowledge, it is also meant to save valuable development time for experienced programmers. As the main features are already in place, you can focus on the main content of your game.
Main master actors:
  • Simple focus on actors​
  • Inspection actors 2D​
  • Inspection actors 3D​
  • Collectible items & Inventory system​
  • Collectible journal entries​
  • Dynamic sequence trigger actors​
  • Interactive NPCs with branching dialogues & consequences​

Technical Details​

What do I get with this template?​

Core Features:
  • A fully functional third person player controller, pawn and animation blueprint​
  • Cinematic interactions using sequences​
  • An integrated interaction system with interactive actor blueprints​
  • An interaction widget rendered in virtual 3D space with object occlusion​
  • System and interface for collecting and reviewing journal entries and inventory items
  • Full mouse & keyboard and gamepad support with dynamic input detection system​
  • A sophisticated main and ingame menu with options for graphics, audio and gameplay
  • Saving and loading your game into 3 different slots with additional progress information​
  • Integrated functions for easy level transitions with level streaming support
  • Prepared localization support with language selection in options menu​
  • Helpful extra features like footstep effects based on surface type​
Number of Blueprints: 54
Input: Mouse & Keyboard, Gamepad
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Mac & Windows
Important Notes: Please note that the 3D user interface cutout does not work properly in the editor as the edge is not aligned exactly around the character. Don't worry about that as it's correct in the build or when playing in a new editor window.
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Latest updates

  1. UPDATE TO VERSION 06-10-2022

    UPDATE TO VERSION 06-10-2022

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