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Third Person Archery

FREE Asset 4.26 Third Person Archery LAST VERSION

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|Trailer video|
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|Overview video|

My goal?
After creating the archery system for Aron's Adventure I received a lot of questions from people that wanted a system like that for the marketplace. My goal with this pack was to deliver an easy to use bow master Blueprint. I want people to make a child actor and then just change settings until they reach the settings they are happy with. I hope this gets to deliver. This system is 100% made in Blueprints and is easy to read and expand upon.
  • Instant fire or draw?
  • Always aim, Toggle aim or hold to aim?
  • Quiver, no quiver, or quiver but ignore the animations?
  • What UI?
  • Controller aim assist?
  • Slow motion for aiming or slow motion for drawing?
  • What camera effects should happen at different stages?
  • Max range, damage, etc.
These are some of the questions you can answer by changing some bools and floats around. You can get vastly different results with just a few clicks of your mouse.
For the best overview of what's included in the pack I strongly recommend to check out the links above.

Technical Details​

  • An in-depth bow master actor that's easy to adept to your game.
  • Easy to change/expand upon.
  • Replicated!
  • Damage numbers.
  • AI wave spawner. (Basic zombie AI included)
  • Controller support (The project will instantly notice if a person is using a controller and it will update the UI to show the proper input and it will allow for features such as aim assist to be enabled.)(DISCLAIMER: By default the system can differentiate between a controller and mouse and keyboard, adding support for differentiating between say an xbox or playstation controller is a bit harder)

|Join the support discord|
Tutorial: Using another player character.

Number of Blueprints: 40
Input: Gamepad, keyboard & mouse.
Network Replicated: Yes (since the update)
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac. (it's a Blueprint only project so should work on anything)
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, console.
Important/Additional Notes: This pack would not have been possible without EPIC games releasing the paragon assets for free! The sparrow animations make up a majority of the animations used in this pack and I'm really grateful that these were released!

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